Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TUTORIAL-HACKING BY PHISING m gng to write a tutorial on hacking with the help of phising.This is only for educational purpose.Dont try to misuse start.

The easiest way of hacking any account is by using "PHISING"
Phising is just a fake login page, the victim suppose it to b as the real login page and when he enters his login details,u get them on ur server.

I will show u how to hack any 'orkut' account(plz dont misuse it,this is my request) :-

1) U will need three files. first a htm file,second a txt file n the last one a php file.(Dont worry,read the next steps).

2) Go to the site login page.Dont enter ur login details.view the source of that login page,by right clicking n selecting the view source option.copy the whole source and paste it in a new notepad file,but save it as login.htm file.

3) Now,create a new notepad file( txt ) and save it as pass.txt.just type any thing in that .txt file.

4) then,create a new notepad file n copy/paste the folowing content in it..

download this file n then copy paste the content of this file

save it as orkut.php file

5) now, make a account on any free web hosting site preferably on or

6) upload two files:- pass.txt and orkut.php on ur web hosting site.

7) now copy the full address or path of the orkut.php file that u uploaded on ur server.
it should look like

8) open the login.htm saved on ur pc with notepad . search for the word "action" in this.
u will find the following line..
replace the link after action= with the full address of the orkut.php file that u uploaded on ur server
it should look like
or action=""

save it.

9) now upload this login.htm on the same server on which u have uploaded the other two files.
thats it...

now make the victim to sign in to orkut through the uploaded login.htm link.
when he sign in through this fake phising page,u will get the details in the uploaded pass.txt file..


remember not to misuse it..

if u have any problems in implementing this tutorial..feel free to post here.i will sort out ur query..

in the same way, u can create fake login page for different sites such as facebook,,, etc.

I succesfully hacked 6 orkut accounts of my frnds using the above tutorial..


joshidada said...

gud work dude...

Anonymous said...

link doesn't work.
plz write the php script on blog.